How many times have you seen someone get a ring on their finger and immediately start 



While we fully support a healthy exercise regimen and the benefits it provides (lots of endorphins, improved cardiovascular health, Michelle Obama arms), too many fiancés turn “I just got engaged” into “I need to lose weight.” We’ve connected with John Fuschetto, one of our favorite Fitness Instructors, to learn more about the importance of a healthy mindset, the obstacles most people run into while getting in shape, and the answers to your most pressing questions.

a healthy mind

All too frequently, new fiancés have a laundry-list of goals for their body: toned arms, lifted butt, smaller waist, slimmer thighs. But they’re all missing the most important body part: a healthy and confident mind.

A mindset rooted in health and confidence is the key to success when achieving your fitness dreams. That starts with setting realistic goals- start small and build as you reach each milestone. You can still work towards big, ambitious goals, but the smaller, frequent achievements will help you stay on track and not get discouraged.

When you feel like you’re making progress, you’ll stay motivated and excited to get to the next one.

Most importantly, stop thinking about fitness as an end-point and begin thinking of it as a lifestyle. Building strength and maintaining a healthy body is a life-long process that doesn’t end on the big day. While the wedding is a great reason to get started, your overall wellness should be the driving force to keep going.

Common Obstacles

While everyone’s health journey is different, there are a few issues that pop up time and time again. Luckily, John shed some light on how to overcome them.

the highs are low and the lows are high

Fitness is an emotional rollercoaster. Think of that trash human you used to date in college, who would ignore you 90% of the time and make you feel terrible about yourself for all your wasted effort, but then made you feel like the best person in the world for the 10% of the time they gave you attention. Well, you might as well name your sneakers after said trash human, because you’re about to enter that relationship all over again.

You can spend weeks, months, or even years training your body to a level that makes you feel strong, healthy, and sexy AF... 

...and you’re right back to where you started. Or, you finally hit your goal weight and feel on top of the world- until you eat a little too much salt and the scale decides to jump 4 pounds in 12 hours. There’s no other way to say it: sometimes fitness sucks.
Remaining consistent week after week is not easy. But too many people miss one day and turn it into a missed week (or month). In order to fight this, let go of the illusion of perfection right now. Give yourself permission to “slack off” every once in a while, and expect to skip some days. This way, you’ll be prepared to move on and get back on track when it happens.



The number of reasons our minds can come up with to justify not doing something is honestly pretty impressive- especially when that “something” is fitness related. My tooth hurts, My dog looks sad, I washed my hair this morning- John has heard them all as rationale to skip a workout (though TBH that last one feels pretty valid).
No matter how logical they sound in the moment, these are excuses. The more you let yourself give into them, the more your mind is going to create them. 

Your brain will begin to control and persuade you into believing that you don’t really need to do the things you set out to achieve.
While it’s okay to skip a day here and there (seriously, it is- go back and the read above section if you forgot), it’s not okay to let your mind sabotage your goals. When you take a day off, actively choose to do so rather than letting excuses derail you at the last minute. Enjoy the rest day, and then get back on track tomorrow- don’t skip two days in a row. This will help keep you in the correct mindset.

for the wedding

Time for a quick science lesson (anyone else hear the Bill Nye the Science Guy theme song in their head? Bill! Bill! Bill!): cortisol is your body’s stress hormone. When you have an increased level of cortisol, you can experience weight gain in your face, chest, or abdomen, as well as muscle weakness, fatigue, or acne. Cortisol also increases insulin production, which can cause sugary or salty food cravings.

These side effects of an increased cortisol level can keep you from seeing the results you want out. So, we’re going to give you instructions that are really easy to follow while planning a wedding: don’t stress.

Sarcasm aside, reducing your stress level will help you avoid those pesky side effects that cortisol causes, letting you feel confident and look your best. Feel free to use this as justification to get regular massages or purchase that overpriced essential oil diffuser. Science rules!

Everything you want to kn0w:

We gathered the most frequently asked questions about starting a fitness journey. Wondering about something else? Follow John on Instagram @foosh_fit or check out his workouts here.


All you really need is a pair of medium, 10-12 pound weights to get in a good workout! Mini bands can be useful, as well- you can find a super inexpensive pair on Amazon. Or, you can use common household items instead! A chair, bench, backpack, or even soup cans (or wine bottles) can make decent dumbbells.


While working out more frequently is going to get you to your goals more quickly, there’s no “rule” to how many days you need to exercise. Try to give yourself a minimum amount of days to work out (like 3 days per week), and exceed it whenever possible.

Pro Tip: Reframe your mindset- instead of telling yourself you need to workout 3 days per week, adjust it to 3 hours per week. It can trick your mind into thinking it’s a more achievable goal. We’ve got crazy brains.


If you are someone who likes direction, is new to working out, or are dealing with an injury, a personal trainer can be an incredibly beneficial investment. A trainer will put together a program that’s specifically designed to help you reach your goals, while ensuring you maintain proper form and carry out the motions in a safe and effective way. It’s also a great way to hold yourself accountable- you’re not going to ghost your trainer!
If you’re comfortable working out on your own but need a little push to get back on track, working with a trainer for a short period of time can kick-start your fitness journey. They can design a program for you to follow on your own, providing guidance while giving you the flexibility of working out alone.

If you’re only concerned about losing a few pounds (rather than toning your entire body), group classes might be a better fit. Be strategic when choosing classes- the best classes combine cardio and weight training. SoulCycle may be fun, but spinning alone won’t get you shredded abs or cut arms.


Regardless of when your wedding is, the answer is right now. That’s because fitness is a lifestyle change, not a process with a deadline. It takes time to get in shape and lose weight in a sustainable way, so you should start as soon as possible and set realistic goals. Crash diets or an overly-intense workout regimen will just leave you drained and unhappy on the big day- which is the exact opposite of what we’re going for.


To achieve the body of your dreams, you need to implement a balance of both cardio and weight training. Weight training and building muscle helps you burn calories and will help you shape and tone your body- you’ll be lean and toned, not bulky.